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Traffic Light

Code: 900801
Acts as a hazard indicator for enhancing safetyFeatures with steady-glow and flashing light modeAuto sensitivity device which shut down during daytime and switch on at nightimeBrightness > 5CDVisual distance : 200 - 300mmSimple operation with 2 x 6V batteryColor : Red / Yellow** Also available in..
Code: 900804
Constructed of Aluminium Alloy and Polycarbonate (PC) Lighting configuration of 22 pcs 4-modules ensures visibility in dark Size : 1194 x 219 x 129mm Weight: 10.5kg..
Code: 900803
Signal a need for caution to alert other drivers Catchs the attention of road users and ensure public safetyFeatures with magnetic base for attachment to any metal surfaceOperates on 2 x AA Alkaline battery..
Code: 900802
Ideal for rapid deployment to keep traffic flowing Easy to set up Content : 1 set Micro X in-house complete Signal Controller 2 rolls 100m Multicore cable fitted AB portable plug / socket for signal heads 2 sets Set of 3 Tubular Legs 2 sets Traffic Signal Light with lenses Red / Amber / Gree..
Code: 900805
Features with blinking and steady-glow light mode to cope with specific needs Lightweight and convenient, suitable even for long time use Simple operation with 2 x 1.5V battery Length : 10" / 21" Also available in rechargeable version..
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