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Safety Walk

Brand: 3M Code: 1500901
Non-mineral, medium textured, slip-resistant vinyl surface prevents injuries High friction surface and durable adhesive provide long-lasting performance Soft and comfortable even for barefootSize : W2" / 4" x L60' Model No. 310 : BlackModel No. 370 : Grey..
Brand: 3M Code: 1500902
Mineral coated, high friction slip-resistant surface Aluminium backing conforms to corners, curves and irregular surfaces High performance adhesive forms an excellent bond for secure holdSize : W2" / 4" x L60 ft Model No. 510 : BlackModel No. 530 : Yellow..
Brand: 3M Code: 1500903
Mineral coated, high friction slip-resistant surface High durable surface withstands the rigors of equipment traffic Low-profile design helps reduce trip hazardSize : W2" / 4" x L60 ft Model No. 610 : BlackModel No. 620 : ClearModel No. 630 : Yellow..
Brand: 3M Code: 1500907
Extra-large abrasive mineral coated, stable slip-resistant surface even in the presence of water or oilHigh performance adhesive creates excellent bond to most surfacesAn open abrasive pattern allows more residue fall off, resists clogging and reduces clean up timeSize : W4" / 6" x L30 ftModel No. 7..
Brand: 3M Code: 1500904
Liquid, solvent-based sealer that protects exposed edges of slip-resistance materials from excessive moisture or liquid Each tube seals approximately 75 to 100 linear feet Volume : 5oz..
Brand: 3M Code: 1500905
Solvent-based adhesive applied to rough or porous surfaces before application of slip-resistance materials Each can covers approximately 35 sq. ft. Convenient and easy to use Volume : 1quart..
Brand: 3M Code: 1500906
Provides a firm bond when applying slip-resistance tapes / threads Fits into small spaces Size : W2" x L6"..
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