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Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200308
Features with safe lock, built-in back wheels and adjustable stabiliser with slip resistant feetFoldable for easy storageModel No. PL-SFY02-007 (2 Steps / W571 x D782 x H1426mm / 9.9kg)Model No. PL-SFY03-007 (3 Steps / W595 x D968 x H1711mm / 11.2kg)Model No. PL-SFY04-007 (4 Steps / W655 x D1152 x H..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200202
Constructed of Fiberglass for electrically resistive and heat tolerant Adjustable and can extend to various heights for different high-reaching tasks Versatile and convenient Model No. EX-NFB08 (Step 8 x 2 / Extension Max. Height 406cm) Model No. EX-NFB10 (Step 10 x 2 / Extension Max. Height 5..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200307
Constructed of Aluminium, light weight and durableFeatures with fall protection net and safety protective barTools holder for easy storage of tools Platform lock and wide, non-slip Aluminium steps for extra safetyModel No. PL-SAY02-001 (2 Steps / W566 x D740 x H1430mm / 9kg)Model No. PL-SAY03-0..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200203
Constructed of Fiberglass for electrical resistance and heat tolerantPatent V-step design ensures high bearing capacity and added safetyConnecting bar with auto-lock function prevents accidents due to unexpected retracting and extensionAvailable from 2 - 16 stepsMaximum Loading Capacity : 150kg..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200311
Constructed of Fiberglass with extra wide platform Features with Safety-Lock system and guardrail Extra support for heavy duty Model No. SPL-NFB07 (Platform : W80 x L148 x H75cm) Model No. SPL-NFB10 (Platform : W90 x L160 x H100cm) Model No. SPL-NFB12 (Platform : W100 x L167 x H115cm) Model ..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200312
Constructed of Fiberglass with guardrail Features with adjustable stabilizers and legs for different working locations Two identical hop-up platform can be connected together to increase flexibility Foldable for easy storage Model No. SPL-NFB008-07 (Platform : D1464-1544 x W632-654 x H719-871m..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200314
Constructed of Aluminium and foldable for convenient storage and transportationFeatures with Safety-Lock system, adjustable leg and non-slip rubber feetOptional with guardrail and/or extend bridge board for versatilityModel No. SPL-NAS05-003 (W498~521 x D983~1044 x H533~696mm)Model No. SPL-NAS07-003..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200313
Adjustable platform for added flexibility Various combination for specific needs Items sold separately or in unit Model No. DRSW-1000 (Platform H65-96 x W54-60 x D137-153cm) Model No. DRSW-1200 (Platform H101-124 x W61-65 x D176-188cm) Model No. PS-KFS-GR10 (Guardrail H96 x W100 x D42cm) Mod..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200108
Constructed of Aluminium alloy, light weight and durableConnecting bar with anti-pinch and auto-lock function prevents accidents due to unexpected retracting and extensionExtendable legs with safety lock system for diversified needsExtra support for heavy dutyMaximum Loading Capacity : 150kgModel No..
Brand: DR. LADDER Code: 1200336
Constructed of Aluminium, light weight and durableEquipped with 2 back castors for easy transportationFeatures with guardrail and self closing gate for added safetyPlatform Size : W600 x D601 x H511mm (2 steps) / W600 x D601 x H765mm (3 steps)Overall Height : 1511mm (2 steps) / 1765mm (3 steps)Model..
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